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25th Annual

Product of the Year



From the thousands of products introduced in 2000, the editors of Electronic Products have chosen the most outstanding. The selections are based on significant advances in technology or its application, a decided innovation in design, or a substantial gain in price-performance. As usual, picking winners was made difficult by the many impressive products announced during the year. Here is a product by RCD Components chosen as a 2000 award winner.



HDP series high-density power resistor


Resistors deliver industry's highest

power density




Answering the industry's never-ending need for increased power density, the HDP family of TO-126/220/247-packaged high-density power resistors is offered as providing a power rating of up to two to three times the typical wattage found in similar package sizes. The combination of a high-power rating and standard packaging suits the devices for a diverse range of applications, including power supplies, rf system, power-switching circuits, and telecom line cards.


The device's high power density is achieved through a proprietary process that deposits a resistance film onto a steel carrier and then insulates the film with a high-temperature highly thermal conductive material. In addition, the terminal attachment and resistance element geometry are configured to provide non-inductive performance.



The HDP247 resistor handles 120W at 25C and is rated up to 500V; the FDP220 handles 60W at 25°C and is rated 300V; and the HDP126 handles 30W and is rated 300V. The parts are available in values form 0.05 to 10,000 Ω with ±1%, ±2%, and ±5% tolerances.


Other specifications include a dielectric strength of 750V min with 1,000V ratings available, a TCR of 100 ppm with 50 ppm optional, and an operating temperature range0f –55 to 200°C.




The HDP high-density power resistors use a proprietary fliming process that allows them to handle as much as two to three times the typical wattage found in similar package sizes.


Data Sheet


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