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Sealed ergonomic pushbutton switches

Sealed ergonomic pushbutton switches

for harsh environments

IF series

New models with dia. 25 mm ergonomic actuator, called the IF series, have now been added to APEM’s range of sealed miniature pushbutton switches.


The actuator of these products consists of a polyamide membrane which depresses when the switch is actuated. The membrane is press fitted onto the bushing. This technology prevents the ingress of liquid or dust into the product. Consequently, the switch features an IP 67 sealing level (threaded bushing models) and excellent resistance to frost.

Two mounting styles are available : by threaded bushing (IFS) or snap-in (IFB). The actuators are offered in seven different colors to combine with two case colors.

The IF series pushbutton switches are intended for equipment exposed to bad weather, and most notably to frost. They are also suitable for applications where ease of operation is of prime importance.

Main specifications

• Electrical function : normally open
• Contacts : gold plated solid silver
• Current/voltage rating : 400mA 32VDC – 100mA 50VDC
• Operating force : 6,5N ± 2N
• Electrical life : 500 000 cycles
• Mechanical life : 1 000 000 cycles



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