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Sealed ergonomic pushbutton switches

Tactile pushbutton switches with large actuator LPI series


APEM are pleased to announce the release of the LPI series. This series with the largest actuator and lowest behind-panel depth within the APEM switch range perfectly complements the APEM product portfolio. The LPI has been developed on a modular base to fit the exact needs of technicians and end-users: more than 300,000 combinations are possible in this way!



For technicians, this pushbutton is available in 2 output versions, for front or rear mounting: a 5A combined separated NO/NC version and a 0.5A NO version. The low behind-panel depth allows installation in environments where space is critical.

For end-users, many different actuator types are available: with raised crimped, screen printed or raised moulded symbol. The large actuator surface allows a visible marking and a big symbol height. Dot or ring LED illumination is also available.

Because of its large actuator, this series is ideal for all applications where the pushbutton needs to be located quickly. Complying with the requirements of the EN81-70 standard (from Disability Discrimination Act), it allows disabled persons to access lifts and buildings more easily.


• Large ergonomic actuator (dia. 35 mm)

• Tactile feedback

• Low behind-panel depth (21mm max.)

• Stylish design

• Long Life (5,000,000 cycles for 0,5A version)



• Where the pushbutton needs to be located quickly (access control, call information,

   museum, exhibitions…)

• Everywhere space is critical

• Where the end-user uses gloves



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