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Sealed ergonomic pushbutton switches

APEM Products now feature IP69K degree of protection


APEM is pleased to announce that 4 switch series have passed the IP69K tests:

  • PBA series: non-illuminated and ring-illuminated versions

  • AV9S series

  • IP series : non-illuminated versions

  • 3500 series

One simple modification needed: chamfer the panel


What is IP69K ?

The IP69K level was established in 1993. The Electronic Control Units had became more common on trucks and were able to withstand high pressure water often necessary to clean trucks. A new test (§9) was introduced in the DIN40050 standard “Road vehicles - degrees of protection (IP-code) - protection against foreign objects - water and contact - electrical equipment

A summary of the test conditions is shown opposite.


Today, this cleaning method has been adopted by many other industries. For example in the food-processing industry, IP69K has almost becomes a must. IP69K is also required in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.


Advantages of high pressure wash down:

Compared to a hose down cleaning process:

less water for the same cleaning result

less money

less detergent used

For protection against dust, ice and sand, please use APEM sealing boots



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